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An agency Sprint experience for students.

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The challenge

Give students a real world experience

After working with various students, we noticed a lack of real-world experience and a trend of students not having the opportunity to work with peers from different courses with different skillsets whilst at university.

We wanted to find a way of giving students an experience to work together with peers and industry professionals to build up their portfolio and get them ready to enter the working world.

The outcome

Facilitated Sprint events and workshops

We ran a trial, week long event with an open brief and no constraints to see how students worked under different circumstances.

After reviewing the feedback and witnessing the event and its outcomes, we created a more structured approach, creating three week-long Design Sprints and some short workshops.

To enhance the experience for students, we invite real-world clients or use a student business to provide the brief for the week long event.

Design Sprint. Using the same process we use with clients, this can be used to trial and test almost any product/solution. Ideation and problem solving feed into prototyping and testing to combine potentially months of work into just 5 days.

Development Sprint. A Sprint for developers, this week is all about building an app or complex website. Usually following a Design Sprint or a Prototyping workshop, this Sprint brings an idea to life, ready to use or sell!

Business Sprint. Launching a business in a week - covering branding, strategy, marketing, revenue streams and developing online presence, this is one packed accelerator week!

I would have never worked with web designers and developers on my Fashion course, but collaborating with them has allowed me to build an app and launch my company in just one week!

Sophia Sofocleous, Student & Founder of CopyCat
Sprint workshop


Delivering workshops to students

We ran multiple workshops covering an introduction to web, UX/UI and prototyping before our one week Sprint, based off the Design Sprints we run for clients.

The workshops prepare the students for the week long event and teach real-world skills and techniques.


A blend between education and practice

We created a brand that easily promotes the events and real-world learning experiences that UniSprint offers, whilst caputring a modern, agency feel.

UniSprint branding
CopyCat prototyping



Either as part of the Design Sprint or as a standalone Prototyping workshop, we show how we use prototyping tools before supporting students develop their own clickable, high fidelity prototypes.

Digital Development

Building something real

The output of the Development Sprint is to create an app or complex website for the client.

Part of the process is to allow students to research the best solution and technology to solve the problem set in the brief.

CopyCat app



Discovery & Research
Brand Strategy

Branding & Design

Brand Development

Digital Development

Web Design & Development
Progressive Web Apps

Content Production


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