We facilitate and deliver focussed workshops to identify problems within your business, providing you with actionable tasks and solutions to help you thrive.

Design Sprints

Using a method developed by Google and used by companies such as Lego, Lufthansa and Microsoft, Design Sprints help you rapidly solve big problems, working together in a 4 day event getting to the root of what you're trying to achieve, developing a concept and testing it.

Problem solving

Rapid prototyping

User testing

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Rubber Duckers Design Sprints

Brand alignment

Our brand alignment workshops work on two fronts.

Firstly, they help us really understand your brand to work successfully together.

Secondly, it helps us to collaboratively come up with a roadmap and work out what your brand needs to succeed and how we can get there together.

Tone of voice

Customer personas


Marketing avenues

Revenue streams

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Rubber Duckers brand alignment


We realise that not everyone has the budget to be able to work with a creative agency to build the content and for some things, you don't need to!

So we can help, we've designed workshops to help you plan and create your own content so that you can get the ball rolling or keep up with the quantity you want to output.

DIY Photography

DIY Video

Content planning

Web design planning

Wordpress 101

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Rubber Duckers workshops

Start-up support

We're passionate for start-ups - we've started many ourselves and love to help others get the enjoyment out of running their own business.

Be it funding, expertise, strategy or even just a chat, we'd love to help you on your business journey!



Creative partner

Business support

Rubber Duckers start-up support