Design Sprints

The perfect problem solver: working together in a 4 day event getting to the route of what you're trying to achieve, developing a concept and testing it.


About the Sprint

Whether you want to launch a new product or service and want to test it in a short period of time, or if your current offering isn't working how you want it to and you want to find out why, Design Sprints can help!

A 4-day event getting the team working on the project, our creative minds and real users to test, gives you an actionable outcome rather than spend lots of time (and money!) on a project.

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Who is the Design Sprint for?


Product owners


Physical products

Digital products

Online shops

eCommerce platforms





Hardware solutions

Improving current products


Improving current products here

What do I get from a Design Sprint?

Answers. To your most important strategic questions with actual customer testing.

Prototype. A focus on innovation and problem solving, backed up by a working prototype.

Alignment. Agreement across teams with encouraged discussion on the solutions taken.

Direction. We'll know where to move forward after the Sprint and we'll all be on the same page.

Time! Don't spend months working on a project when we can test it in just 4 days.

Day 1

Finding the problem

On the first day we'll work out the problem we want to solve during the week.

It might not actually be the one you think that needs solving!

Everyone will get involved in asking questions and probing the expert in the field - this may be you or it could be the business owner or product manager.

Once we have the problem we want to solve, we'll brainstorm some solutions to work on.

Location: Yours or ours!

Required: You and us!

Day 2

Work out the solution

We'll review the solutions we came up with the day before before voting on the best one. Voting means that the solution chosen is picked fairly.

Together, we'll come up with the elements of the prototype we need, research other products that do something similar to what we want and then storyboard how the user will interact with our product.

From then, we'll decide which to take forward into the prototyping stage in Day 3.

Location: Yours or ours!

Required: You and us!

Day 3

Prototype design

We'll take all the solutions and sketches with us and start work on the prototype for the solution we all agreed on.

Whilst we're working on the design, we'll also be recruiting user testers that match the demographic of your customers.

Designing a usable prototype is key to ensure that we fully test the solution and validate ideas. We'll share it with you and, more importantly, the user testers.

Location: Back at ours

Required: Just us

Day 4

User testing

The final, and arguably most important, part of the Sprint is to test our solution.

We'll arrange testing with a selection of users that represent your customer base. If you've got any customers you can rely on, we can even include them in the testing.

Once we've received feedback, we'll create an actionable report for you to work on to develop the product.

Location: Back at ours

Required: Just us

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