We've curated a range of workshops to help you unlock your creativity and apply it to your business affordably.


About the Workshops

We realise that not everyone has the budget to be able to work with a creative agency to build the content and for some things, you don't need to!

So we can help, we've designed workshops to help you plan and create your own content so that you can get the ball rolling or keep up with the quantity you want to output.

We can deliver one-to-one training at your place or ours, or you can join in with scheduled group workshop.

If you want to book a one-to-one workshop, get in touch and we'll organise a date. If you want to join a group workshop, check below for our planned dates.

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DIY Photography

Do you sell products or want to show what you do to prospective customers?

This workshop walks you through the basics of photography and how you can achieve a more professional look using what you already have and without breaking the bank.

Getting the most from your phone camera
Lifestyle v Product

DIY Video

Everyone's doing video now and you should be to! 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and Facebook claim that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021.

But it can be daunting (and expensive!) to get started. This workshop helps you get going for a limited budget and helps you confidently present yourself and your business with vith video.

How to present

Content planning

You've got all these ideas, photos, videos and content to add value to your customers - but how do you plan to get it to them?

There's nothing worse than after spending all the time on your content, posting it and seeing no return! We'll give you advice on how, when and who to post to, so you can get the most out of your content whilst also unlocking more ideas!

Content plan
Idea generation

Web design & planning

If you're about to get a new website, or are thinking of a refresh of your current one - this workshop is a must.

We cover ways of incorporating your brand, your message, best practice and solving your business problems so when you start building (or brief someone to do so), you're as prepared as you can be!

Messaging for web
Best practice
How to work with a freelancer/agency

WordPress 101

So, you've had a site built on WordPress - that's great! It's a brilliant platform and allows for scalability and gives you the ability to edit things.

But how do you do that?

We'll walk you through the basics of Wordpress from signing in, adding pages and blogs as well as introducing useful plugins and best practices.

Content updates
Best practice
Page speed
Top plugins

Build your own site

This is an intensive, online course taking you from nothing to a fully functioning website with hosting and domain and professional theme.

We'll talk you through the technical bits so you can follow along and then show you each stage of building and launching a website in WordPress.

Hosting included
Domain included
Professional theme included
Create & manage your own site

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