We're a website design company

We're a website design company that also makes videos

that also makes videos
We combine video production and website design to give your online presence an unmistakable je ne sais quack
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Our services help you showcase your

  • Crafting the first impression of your digital presence - giving your audience something to remember.
  • From data capture to eCommerce, we build websites that are easy for you to manage yourself.
  • Capture attention and easily convey information, to connect with visitors on a deeper level.
  • Used by over 40% of websites globally, Wordpress covers the majority of what you will need.
  • The ongoing care and upkeep of your site ensuring its optimal performance and security.
  • The ongoing care and upkeep of your site ensuring its optimal performance and security.
  • What our clients say...

    "Not only did Rubber Duckers capture the personality and energy of the club, they integrated advanced functionality which allows us to easily manage volunteers, records, fixtures and more."

    Tracey Jones
    Tracey Jones
    Chair, Southampton Athletic Club
  • What our clients say...

    "We have worked with Rubber Duckers for the best part of 6 years now and the whole team stand out for their work and efforts to keep us happy as customers. "

    Nick Basra
    Nick Basra
    Landlord, City Estates
  • What our clients say...

    "The team are highly professional, skilled and dynamic. I have always appreciated the attention to detail and the ability of the team to bring a vision to life."

    Matt Ray
    Matt Ray
    Founder, Travel Teacher
  • What our clients say...

    "Ever reliable and responsive, Rubber Duckers have supported us to achieve triple digit growth."

    Philip Warr DL
    Philip Warr DL
    Chief Executive, Purpose Homes

Meet the team

At the heart of our success are the talented individuals of our team. When you meet our team, you'll encounter a diverse group committed to delivering top-tier products that leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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Relax, you're in good company

If you need a professional UK website design company to support you with your web design, development, or video production, get in touch with us today.

We're not just any creative agency. We're a bunch of passionate folks offering top-notch website design services, always eager to craft digital magic for your brand. Think of us as the secret ingredient to supercharge your online presence.

No ducking about on our end!

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