Case study

Improving first impressions and new member onboarding

A club with rich history, Southampton Athletic Club is run by volunteers and are always looking for new members and helpers.
Tracey Jones
Tracey Jones

Not only did Rubber Duckers capture the personality and energy of the club, they integrated advanced functionality which allows us to easily manage volunteers, records, fixtures and more.

The problem

Southampton Athletic Club had a home made website with lots of information that their members needed but couldn’t find across the site.

They also didn’t think it captured the essence of the club and was stifling attracting new members, volunteers and sponsors.

The solution

Rubber Duckers produced a website showcasing the volunteers and what it means to be part of the club as well as a promotional video featuring real members.

The website gives a better first impression to potential new members, is easier to navigate by prioritising important information as well as having a more robust backend to allow volunteers to easily manage the content on the website.

We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure the site is up to date and secure.


Wordpress website
New branding
Promotional video
Volunteer headshots
Volunteer profile pages
Robust CMS features
Club and venue photography
Record management system
  • Website homepage of the Southampton Athletic Club featuring a nighttime image of athletes running on a track.
  • Webpage displaying athletic records of the Southampton Athletic Club, listing various events, athlete names, performances, and dates.
  • Jon, an experienced track coach with notable achievements at Southampton Athletic Club, stands confidently on an athletics field.
  • Website page detailing training sessions for Southampton Athletic Club with a table listing session titles, age groups, disciplines, track fees, and coach/indoor winter times.
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    Following user interviews with members and extensive research, we created a clickable prototype of key pages to present to the committee and members for further user testing.

    Southampton Athletic Club case study photo
    New logo and enhanced branding

    Modernising the logo and branding, building on the red & white Southampton colours synonymous with the club, we created a modern/traditional shield encompassing the city's coat of arms.

    Southampton Athletic Club case study photo

    Using Wordpress allowed us to balance an exciting look with an easy to manage backend system for volunteers to manage. The primary goal was to give a great first impression whilst making it easier for new members and volunteers to get involved.

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    Promo video

    Capturing training sessions with all ages and disciplines to create a promotional video for the club.

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    Volunteer photography

    As imagery is such an important part of a website design, a whole suite of photography featuring volunteers was crucial to ensure the website looked cohesive.

    Southampton Athletic Club case study photo
    Coach profiles

    An important part of the brief was that a user could contact the correct coach - knowing what they do at the club and what they could help with.

    Southampton Athletic Club case study photo
    Easy to mange CMS

    As the club is run by volunteers, the management of the website had to be as easy as possible. We made managing complex data entry such as training sessions a straightforward task.