Case study

Reducing unnecessary viewings and adequately showcasing their lettings

Student No Fee provide quality affordable student housing in Southampton, UK.

The problem

The client needed a new way to comprehensively showcase their properties to potential tenants whilst also reducing the amount of repeat viewings.

The solution

Rubber Duckers produces a video walkthrough and image bank for each property. 


Video walkthroughs
Property shots
A cozy living room with a comfortable couch and a large window providing ample natural light.
HDR Images

High dynamic range photographs of each property to show the homes in their best light.

A kitchen with a table and chairs and a washing machine, perfect for video production and web design in Hampshire.
High quality video walkthroughs

Taking video walkthroughs to the next level with cinema camera and gimbal.

A comfortable bed in a cozy room.
Lifestyle shots

Lifestyle photography using props and furnishings to illustrate a living environment in the home.

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