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Take advantage of the power of videography to engage, inspire, and sell. Let us help you create content that not only showcases your organisation but also drives results.
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How video can help you

78% of marketing professionals say videos helped increase sales
In 2023, people are watching, on average, 17 hours of video content per week
91% of companies now use video as a marketing tool

Engagement and attention

High quality video content has the power to engage more effectively than text. It can convey information much faster whilst also using visual aids to evoke emotion and illustrate your key messages to your audience. In a world of short attention spans video content is king.

SEO and online visibility

Search engines prioritise well produced video in search results. Optimising your videos for relevant keywords and sharing them on relevant social media platforms can improve your businesses online visibility and increase organic traffic.

Social media reach

Video content is highly sought after and shareable on social media platforms. Social media algorithms push video content, making it an effective way of driving traffic to increase your brands reach and engagement.

Work we're proud of

Our experienced video crew love producing high quality video content for businesses in many industries across the UK. We take pride in working with organisations to help them flaunt their work, culture and people. We encourage our brilliant clients to showcase the fantastic people who comprise their business with high quality video that celebrates both what makes you and what makes you different. Our knowledgeable videography team works closely with you to provide custom video products specific to your needs, ensuring your new video content is providing solutions to your problems.

More than just a video company

Our UX/ UI conscious videographers incorporate sleek digital design into our user centred video content to ensure that not just the moving images impress. We produce high quality video content that isn’t just an afterthought or an add-on. Our video products compliment your brand and work in tandem with your existing digital assets to enhance your clients user experience and represent you in the best way possible. Our design led approach to videography work means we strive to create beautiful but functional products every single time.

A modern agency

Our accomplished videography team lives and breathes visual content. Both our knowledge of video equipment and trends are constantly refined to ensure we can provide the best possible video production services. With an inventory of the latest and greatest equipment along with 4K deliverables, you can rest easy knowing your video is being created by professionals with the best possible equipment.

"We have worked with Rubber Duckers for the best part of 6 years now and the whole team stand out for their work and efforts to keep us happy as customers. "

Nick Basra
Nick Basra

We provide professional video services for commercial businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our team has years of experience producing high quality video content for businesses across the UK and further afield. We love helping organisations showcase their people, culture and work and work closely with our clients to provide custom video solutions specific to their needs.

Event videos

Capture the essence of every moment, preserving the energy and emotions of your event to relive and share.
Highlight videos are a fantastic way to increase the reach and longevity of your event. Fostering a sense of community among your clients and customers by providing your patrons with a tangible video product to enjoy and share long after the event has finished.

Case study videos

Showcase your best work in an engaging and exciting format that really sells.
Case study videos are a fun and efficient way of displaying your fantastic work to potential clients. Go in depth and break down the magic of the process or briefly summarise a project with a professional case study video that keeps your work alive long after the project has been completed.

Promotional videos

Silence can bury the most remarkable stories.
Transform your brand and services into a visually captivating and persuasive narrative that resonates with your target audience. We pride ourselves on encouraging our clients to fearlessly showcase their culture and people. Our videos provide an insightful and compelling glimpse into the heart of your company so you can share its values and accomplishments.


An ordinary way to tell extraordinary stories.
A great resource for charities and NGOs, documentaries enable us to shed light on deserved narratives that inform, inspire and leave a lasting impact. An ideal way of telling a meaningful story, creating emotion and manufacturing support and awareness for a cause. Long form video content can continue to provide value long after its release date.

Social media videos

Entertain existing and attract new audiences whilst leaving a prerequisite digital footprint.
Short form content is unrestricted in form and unlimited in potential. With social media platforms playing host to video content of all genres, styles and forms its entirely possible for every organisation to find their place online with tailored social media video content that finds your audience and represents you adequately.

Drone videography

Showcase a new perspective.
Perfect for unveiling landscapes, scenes and views from heights that were once beyond our reach. Drone videography can surprise and entertain like no other video content. We love shocking our clients with peculiar use cases for the drone, capturing content from angles and perspectives previously unattainable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The video production process can certainly seem a little intimidating. Our videography team takes pleasure in guiding our clients through the video production process; ensuring you feel involved from conception to the final edit. We also have some fantastic resources designed to help break down the process and ensure you are prepared to maximise your time with us.
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