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Why do I need professional photography?

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual
Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text
Publishers that feature visual content grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t use visual contents

Strong first impression

High quality, professional photos create a positive and lasting first impression. When potential customers visit your digital platform or marketing materials, visually appealing images convey professionalism alongside encouraging brand recognition and growth.

Increased eCommerce sales

If you sell products online then high-quality product photos are essential. They can improve the perceived value of your product, reduce returns by adequately representing the product on sale and boost sales.

Competitive advantage

Video content is highly sought after and shareable on social media platforms. Social media algorithms push video content, making it an effective way of driving traffic to increase your brands reach and engagement.

Keeping your brand consistent

Brand consistency is the key to establishing a strong and recognizable identity, ensuring that your tone of voice remains cohesive across all customer touchpoints including your imagery. The best brands are recognizable through marketing assets alone and consistent, high quality imagery is a fantastic way to maintain brand consistency. By planning and undertaking photography as part of a wider project, the images produced capture your brand to fit seamlessly in the wider project.

Work you can be proud of

Our experienced photographers love producing high quality photography to capture and exhibit your company. We love helping organisations to flaunt their work and culture whilst always encouraging you to showcase the fantastic people who make your business what it is. Our knowledgeable and professional photographers work in collaboration with you to provide custom photo solutions specific to your needs to make sure your new images biggest impact possible.

A modern agency

Our dedicated photography team lives and breathes visual content. Both our knowledge of photography equipment and industry trends are constantly refined to ensure we can provide the best possible service. With an inventory of the latest and greatest equipment alongside a passion for the medium, you can rest easy knowing your imagery is being created by professionals with the best possible equipment.

More than just a photography studio

Our UX/ UI conscious photographers produce imagery with its final destination in mind. Our talented team of photographers are trained in producing UX/ UI friendly content that can be used effectively across both physical and digital marketing assets. We produce high quality photography that is consistent, representative and works with any existing assets to compliment your brand, not diminish it. Our design led approach to photography means striving to create beautiful but functional photographs every single time.

"Ever reliable and responsive, Rubber Duckers have supported us to achieve triple digit growth."

Philip Warr DL
Philip Warr DL
Chief Executive

What type of photography do I need?

Our team has years of experience delivering high-quality photography for businesses across the UK and beyond. We love helping organisations showcase their people, culture, and work, and collaborate closely with our clients to provide custom photography solutions tailored to their needs.

Event photogrpahy

Use high quality imagery to capture the energy and atmosphere of your in person event.
Event photography allows you to engage and interact with your patrons beyond the physical event, capturing memories for them which can be enjoyed and shared long after the event has finished. The sharing of content after the event can help to foster a sense of community among your attendants whilst simultaneously promoting any future events and organisation as a whole.


Stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Professional headshots can provide a cohesive visual identity for your team whilst also declaring your credibility through high quality, uniformed imagery. We delight in working closely with our clients to produce head shots that encapsulate their teams personalities and organisations values.

Internal operations

Turn your business inside out.
Your daily operations may seem banal and mundane to you but for those outside of your organisation it can be a captivating insight into a world previously unknown. Professional photos of your team doing their thing is a perfect way to promote transparency between yourself and your customers whilst also illustrating the more interesting aspects of the daily undertakings that make up your service/ offering. You have a story to tell and high quality imagery is a great way of doing it.

Product photography

Seeing is believing.
Elevate your product’s appeal and increase sales with our product photography services. Product photography is essential for every commodity based business but not all product photography is created equally. We use the latest and greatest trends and equipment to capture your revenue streams in the most appropriate fashion for the best possible results.

Drone photography

Not flying, falling in style.
Okay, okay there’ll be no falling on our shoots but plenty of style. Elevate your perspective and capture the ordinary from extraordinary angles. Drone photography is a fantastic way to surprise your viewers and leave them in awe with breathtaking moments captured from the skies.

Sports photography

Capturing the action!
Sports photography enables you to connect and engage with your audience well beyond the sporting event itself. By capturing enduring moments, you provide athletes and fans with lasting memories that can be cherished and shared long after the game has concluded. This post-event sharing of sports imagery not only cultivates a sense of camaraderie among participants and spectators but also serves as a powerful tool to promote upcoming events and your sports organisation as a whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The photography process can often seem overwhelming. Our team of skilled photographers takes pleasure in guiding our clients through our photography services. We ensure you are engaged from the initial concept to the final product. Additionally, we have fantastic resources designed to simplify the process and guarantee that you are well-prepared to make the most of your time with us.

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